Together in Maritime Consultancy



Arcadis & Royal Dirkzwager

In 2009, ARCADIS and Royal Dirkzwager decided to join forces in Maritime Consultancy. ARCADIS is a large consultancy and engineering firm with expertise in port development, water, infrastructure, environment and buildings. Royal Dirkzwager is a maritime information broker. The company also provides North Sea pilotage services and nautical consultancy.


Arcadis, Royal Dirkzwager & You

You are, like most port and waterway stakeholders, trying to optimize your processes to minimize internal costs. However, port processes depend on many parties: shipping lines, terminals, port authorities, pilots, tugs, linesmen, barge companies, trucking companies, rail operators and so on. Maritime and nautical processes can only be optimized when all parties work together and share relevant information.

That is where we, Arcadis and Royal Dirkzwager, come in. Our goal is ambitious: to combine our vast engineering and maritime-nautical experience to offer you new, multidisciplinary ways to solve problems at ports and on the waterway.














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